My 2012 Work / Choices

personal biography


Graduated from Australia Central Queensland University, major in multimedia design, Manson has focus his passion into photography after returning to Hong Kong. In 2010, the 1st Hong Kong International Photography Festival selects his work “Promise” to present in JCCAC, the “Facebook All for Photo” exhibition. Beside receiving different kinds of exhibition invitation in the next few years, his work “However The Stock Moves” is also selected as the final ten by ex-Magnum photographer Simon Wheatley into Photo Contest Hong Kong 2012, held by WYNG, and was exhibited in Gallery of Fringe Club Central.


In 2012, his work “The City” is selected as the last round work by the National Geographic “Nat Geo Awards” and is exhibited in Harbour City, Kwoloon. Otherwise, Manson’s work is selected again in the 2nd HKIPF, and he is able to participate the “From City to City / A Hong Kong Response Exhibition on Daido Moriyama” Exhibition alongside with anothermountainman, Joseph Fung Hon Kee, Ducky Tse Chi Tak, Vincent Yu Wai-kin and Leong Ka Tai and etc. in ArtisTree, Island East.


In the next new project, Manson is exploring his new photography style with “31 Nights Illustration”, by taking photo with an autofocus film camera. Beside the instability of the society, he also takes “Avalokiteśvara” as a new approach to counter objective nature of photography, but take it with a more subjective self-expression.